April, 2018

Spring Residential Field Crew, Lisa, Sarah, and Caitlyn

April, 2017

Question from client: How many times a year to aerate? Well, it depends.

March, 2017

SoilKeepers Manager Michael Collins spoke at the 23rd Ecological Landscape Alliance Conference in Amherst, Mass on Restoring Our Environmental Commons through Commercial Landscaping. ELA is a great group of folks focused on the practice of ecological landscaping. SoilKeepers has joined their efforts as a proud Member for 2017.

Also staff is now preparing plans for SK clients for this year.

February 2017

The months fly by!

First, soil temperatures are heating up as are air temperature all over the country. This is a chart of Central Virginia soil information for Monday, February 20 (note the highlighted reading):

This roughly 10 degree C reading at 4″ below ground equals the weed growing temp. for crabgrass. Since it looks like the heat will continue for the rest of the week, now is the time to apply organic broadleaf weed control. Call us at 540-672-2542 to schedule an estimate.

Also, many of our older clients are now in their 3rd year of soil restoration and this year we’ll be switching them over to just liquid fertilization. This will dramatically lower costs because their soil after years of restoration is now healthy enough to provide most of the nitrogen the plants need.

February 2016

SoilKeepers new full cards mailed to neighborhoods spanning the Fredericksburg, Culpeper, and Charlottesville region! Send Us an Email



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 February 2015

SoilKeepers an Exhibitor at Piedmont Lansdscape Association Seminar

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