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Spring 2018 Central Virginia Update (April 4)

We have had 8 straight days of shallow soil temps. in the low 50 degree F range, so the season for cool season grass germination and growth is certainly upon us. Snow this weekend and several days of cool temps. will slow down growth but provide more needed soil moisture.

Winter 2017-2018 Central Virginia Update

Folks, we are in a drought. Scan the Virginia Drought Monitoring Report for February. Increasing soil organic matter through compost/compost blend topdressing is the best way to fortify plant health to continued dry conditions. If the drought continues, it may be too dry to overseed this spring, but especially if your soil has low organic matter, at least topdressing with aeration will help what plants you do have survive the coming summer and will help fall plant roots to grow next winter. If you have low organic matter and you do nothing else, for your water supply and the supply of your neighbors, increase your soil organic matter through topdressing. And if you need help, call us – we’re the only Central Virginia Enterprise specializing in compost topdressing.

Organic Solid and Liquid Fertilization, Non-Toxic Weed Control, Lawn Aeration and Seeding, Native Plant Installation, Pollinator Garden Installation and Maintenance

SoilKeepers Fall 2017 Services

Soil Chemistry and Biology Testing

soil chemistry and biology testing

 Yard Improvement Plan

Yard Improvement Planyard improvement plan soilkeepers

native plant installation


native plant installation

Natural Weed Control (including the old fashioned way with our hands!)

Carbon (organic) Fertilization

SoilKeepers is also the only landscape service in Central Virginia that uses the Earth and Turf 100 SP compost topdresser that allows cost effective and precise metering of organic fertilizers.

  Turf Conversion to Native Grass (grasses [such as Little and Big Bluestem] that were common here before European settlement), Wildflowers, Shrub, and Tree Natural Areas (possible cost share assistance 2016)

native plant installation

 Turf, Native Grasses, and Meadow Maintenance

organic fertilization

Compost extract applied to aerated turfgrass to improve soil and plant health

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