Affordable River-Friendly Landscape Maintenance and Restoration

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- Soil Chemistry and Biology Testing - Yard Improvement Plan - Compost, Compost Extract/Tea, and Biochar Enhanced Compost "Charpost" Application - Turf Conversion to Meadows and Trees - Turf, Meadow, and Naturalized Area Maintenance - Voluntary Sharing of Environmental Benefits with Friends using Online Collaborative Data Platform

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A Naturopathic Systems Approach to a Beautiful and Healthy Yard

1. Test Soil Chemistry and Biology 2. Co-Create Yard Improvement Plan 3. Implement Plan 4. Re-test Soil Chemistry and Biology 5. Revise Plan 6. Continue Implementation

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Healthy soil - created within your budget - grows beautiful and bountiful vegetation.

Depending upon soil condition, just one season of care can turn dead dirt into a community of living organisms we call soil.

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The first step is to have a Plan.

Different plants need different types of microbial communities. Before any course of action is implemented, a SoilKeepers Yard Improvement Plan to specify what types of plants the property owner wants in what locations is needed.

A soil chemistry and soil biology test is needed for areas with different vegetation.

Because plants can thrive in a wide variety of soil types, if healthy communities of soil microbes exist, the Soil Biology portion of a soils test is the most important.

SoilKeepers specializes in Healthy Soil Microbiology.

Soils in Virginia have all the nutrients they need for plant growth. What is needed is a balanced community of bateria, fungi, and other microbes to make these available to plants.

Compost and compost products are the answer.

Properly prepared compost, compost teas/extracts, and biostimulants are the best way to introduce the types of bacteria, fungus, and other soil microbes your plants need.

SoilKeepers is knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, and neat. SoilKeepers provided customized care for my lawn, with great results. I highly recommend them. ~T.W.
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